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Community Living

Spectrum Support offers an array of supported living options and staffing alternatives to enable people to live in communities of their choice. People we support live in many types of homes such as townhomes, condominiums, apartments and single-family homes.


The Residential Program provides a level of care that is tailored to the needs of the person. People who reside in one of Spectrum’s residences may receive a variety of supports from the agency, including:

  • Transportation
  • Nursing
  • Health case management services
  • Financial management services
  • Vacation planning and travel support
  • Leisure activities

Spectrum strives to help people live as independently as possible. We help people to Live Their Best Lives by providing the tools and supports they need for greater independence, full inclusion, and active participation in their homes.

Community living services

Residential service

Services are designed to support people in living to their fullest by:

  • Ensuring each residents health and safety
  • Supporting individuals to actively participate in the community
  • Promoting meaningful relationships

Housing Options

Live in a/an:

  • Agency owned or rented home with other people with disabilities
  • Apartment with or without roomates
  • Private home with supports
Gregory is 35 years old and has resided over 11 years with Spectrum Support. Although Gregory came to Spectrum with many restrictions that required him to be closely supervised, he worked hard to regain his independence. As a result, Gregory is now able to be in the community without direct staff support. Gregory likes to play basketball, watch wrestling, go to the library, get on the computer and play his video games during his free time.

Natasha moved into a home supported by Spectrum in September 2019. Natasha is an engaging, funny, interesting lady. She is from a large family and she entrusts her younger brother to a help her with decision-making. Natasha describes herself as an artist and has a collection of colored drawings which she’s created. She is eager to share her talents and readily gives feedback about what she’s designed. She said that she doesn’t only draw, “I also do needle-point that I learned from my mom.”

When asked how she’s coming along at Spectrum, she said “I’m doing do well. I’m getting along with staff . . .they help me with the things I need. They take me out to get things I really need. I told all of them, I really honestly love living here and it makes me really happy.” She reported that staff listen to her hopes and dreams and said that she is “free” to “handle things” on her own as much as she can. She said respect is “huge” and that staff respect her and that she likes it that “staff can calm me down when I’m upset” and that one staff in particular, “Nini”—she’s always there “If I need it”. I have a really nice relationship with her!”

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