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Community Engagement

Spectrum supports people’s desire to find and enjoy meaningful community-based activities. Our staff provides support so people can access their communities in social, educational, recreational, and/or vocational settings during times of the day they are not employed.


Our staff work with people and their families to develop a customized plan based on interests, to use as a guide for achieving personal success. While employment is the primary goal, each person’s expressed desires and health determine where they spend their time and energy. We help people to Live Their Best Lives by providing the tools and supports they need for greater independence, full inclusion, and active participation in their communities.

Community-based services

Spectrum staff use a variety of discovery options to obtain useful information to target appropriate businesses that match the skills of the job seeker and help the person become employed:

  • Classes, seminars, workshops, or community-based recreational activities
  • Volunteering or activities that would help to develop and improve work habits, skills and behaviors
  • Building friendships and social networking skills by participating in community-based organizations
  • Creating an individualized weekly schedule of activities that are personally fulfilling
  • Transportation services which may include accessing and using public transportation

Communities we support

Spectrum currently provides Community Engagement Services in the following communities in Maryland:

  • Allegany County
  • Baltimore City (west side)
  • Baltimore County (west side)
  • Carroll County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County (Columbia area)

Latonya joined Spectrum eager to learn and to be employed, and she is well on her way to meeting that goal. We have watched her improve in technology, independence, and self confidence, while making friends along the way. In February 2020 Latonya began volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charities Maryland ( RMHCM). The team at RMHCM says Latonya is “ a hardworking lady”. They invited her to volunteer any time because of her “inviting attitude and personality”. We can’t wait to see what is yet to come for Latonya!

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