We form relationships which support people to achieve their life goals.

Spectrum Support, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency which helps peoples with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work and engage in social activities within their communities.

Our Primary Customers(s)

Spectrum Support’s primary customers are people age 14 and older who have barriers that often present significant challenges for them to achieve their life goals. While smart and resourceful, our primary customers may be vulnerable, lack the support of a loving family, and might require help to meet their most basic needs.

What Makes Spectrum Unique

Spectrum’s mission is “We form relationships which support people to achieve their life goals.” Spectrum has a history of successfully working with people who have significant challenges. We have successfully increased their independence, ability to work and to access their communities in a meaningful way. Part of our success is due to Spectrum’s emphasis on building relationships with each person, with each other, and with partners in the community. Spectrum’s employees have a positive impact on the people we support, helping everyone to Live Their Best Life.

Our Program Philosophy

When Spectrum accepts people into our program, we accept them wholeheartedly. Success may occur one step at a time and through repeated actions. We keep trying until we find a way!

Core Operating Values

  • Aspirations: We provide space for each person to discover their hopes and dreams and find ways to achieve them.

  • Belief: We see people as able with support to have a meaningful and productive life with the right support.

  • Compassion: We understand that everyone has a different pathway to their goals, and we are vested in supporting each person to find theirs.

  • Dignity & Respect: We appreciate the unique abilities of each person by actively listening and by asking questions to understand each person’s ideas and opinions.

  • Relationships: We demonstrate a genuine interest in each person’s well-being and aspirations.

  • Safety: We create an environment that promotes dialogue, builds trust and fosters diversity.

Cindy Freeman

Executive Director


Sean C. Rhudy


Owner, Enhanced Computing Solutions

Dave Burrows

Vice President

President, Visual Integrators

Robert Holt


President, B'more Credit & Collection Service

Joe Lindemon


Program Manager, Endless Options

Stephen Brannan

Board Member

Manager, Global Process and Systems, IBM Corp

Larry Helminiak

Board Member

Melanie McKinney

Board Member

Mike Novak

Board Member

Bob Paczynski

Board Member

Senior Program Manager, CACI Federal