Providing support services for people with disabilities so they can live their best life.

Fulfilling Employment Supports
We provide the tools and support people need for greater independence.
Positive Community Engagement
We help individuals connect with meaningful, community-based activities.
Attentive Support Professionals
We know how to lower barriers to success for the individuals we support.

Why Spectrum Support?

Individuals with developmental disabilities face the unique challenge of being limited by those who misunderstand them and their capabilities.

Many make unfair assumptions, denying them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our agency empowers everyone we support to live, learn, work, and engage in social activities within their communities by building powerful, personal, long-lasting relationships.

We help them overcome challenges, fight stigmas, and find new, exciting ways to live their best life.

Who We Support
Spectrum Support primarily serves people age 14 and older who have barriers that often present significant challenges for them to achieve their life goals.

Without the guidance of a passionate Direct Support Professional, people with disabilities may never have the chance to live, learn, work, and engage socially with their community to the fullest of their ability.

This typically includes individuals with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, physical limitations, and/or mental health challenges.

Spectrum Support helps people with disabilities overcome the challenges they face, fight stigmas, and find new, exciting ways to live their life how they choose to.

Get Services

Spectrum Support provides services for youth and adults, including:

  • Employment Supports
  • Youth Supports
  • Behavioral Supports
  • Community Living
  • Community Engagement

Engage Our Workforce

Hiring people with disabilities is a great way for businesses to tap an underutilized talent pool, improve employee morale, and diversify the workforce.

Spectrum’s job placement services are entirely free of charge to both parties.

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Join a group of talented people that are dedicated to helping individuals with developmental disabilities engage with their community.

Start living your best life by empowering others to do the same!

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