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Hire Our Workforce

Are you looking for motivated, well- trained employees? Do you seek pre-screened and willing applicants? If you have answered yes to these questions, Spectrum can help you!


Hiring people with disabilities is a great way for businesses to tap an underutilized talent pool, improve employee morale, diversify your workforce, and boost your company’s image.

Our clients are seeking a chance to become independent, tax-paying members of our community by finding jobs that match their skills and competency levels. The individuals we support are dedicated, talented, and ready to work. By providing job readiness training, job search assistance, placement assistance, and job coaching, we give our clients the tools they need to find a job and the skills they need to maintain success. But only you can give them a chance to work.

Spectrum’s job placement services are entirely free of charge to both parties.

Partner with Spectrum.
Our Staff can help.

  • Reduce or eliminate recruitment costs
  • Supply well-trained, pre-screened candidates
  • Assist with onsite training and ongoing support
  • Offer free and low-cost accommodation ideas
  • Provide education on Disability Employer Tax Credits
  • Provide replacement services if our referral does not meet your needs

There are other ways your business can get involved.

  • Serve as an “Internship” site
  • Host a Worksite Tour
  • Host a Volunteer
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Support/Donate to Spectrum

Contact us today to partner with our organization.