Community Engagement

Spectrum Support champions people’s desire to find and enjoy meaningful community-based activities.

Our staff members provide support so people can access their communities in social, educational, recreational, and/or vocational settings outside of work settings.

We work with individuals and their families to develop a customized plan based on their interests and use that as a guide for achieving personal success.

While employment is always an option, each person’s expressed desires and health determine where they spend their time and energy.

We help people to Live Their Best Lives by providing the tools and supports they need for greater independence, full inclusion, and active participation in their communities.

Mission Moment: Forming Relationships

Mitchell was resistant to any employment or volunteering for many years. Spectrum Support’s focus on people engaging in meaningful days and relationships helped staff encourage Mitchell to volunteer. We helped him understand how he could give back to the community.

Mitchell now volunteers with Meals on Wheels three days a week. At one of the residential complexes where he went to provide a meal, he ran into his brother whom he had lost touch with for many years. They are now reconnected!

Mission Moment: Forming relationships to help people live their best life.


Spectrum currently provides Community Engagement Services in the following communities:


    • Allegany County, Maryland
    • Baltimore City (west side), Maryland
    • Baltimore County (west side), Maryland
    • Carroll County, Maryland
    • Frederick County, Maryland
    • Howard County (Columbia area), Maryland


Spectrum staff collaborates with our individuals to develop personalized schedules that include the following:

  • Volunteering and being involved in your local community because it positively enriches the lives of the people we support and the people in their neighbors. 
  • Volunteering also can develop and increase work habits, skills, social interactions and behaviors by giving back to the community
    • Building friendships and social networking skills by connecting with people who share hobbies, interest and common desires
    • Participating in classes, seminars and/or exercise groups at local libraries, gyms, colleges, senior centers, activity centers et
    • Learning how to navigate public transportation, uber/lyft or taxis to gain independence skills


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