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Executive Director’s Report
Martha Rankin Brown


In 2009, Spectrum Support celebrated 20 years supporting individuals with disabilities to achieve their life goals. What an amazing accomplishment!


This past year has continued to be one of transition. After three years of increasing net losses, we bridged the gap tremendously in fiscal year 2009 showing a positive bottom line.


From a statewide perspective in Maryland, we were directly impacted by the budget cuts to DDA agencies and the dramatic increase in unemployment insurance costs as a result of the current unemployment rates in the state. Despite these hurdles, we were able to experience another strong year in fiscal year 2010 and are looking forward to a sound fiscal year in FY 2011.


The individuals we support continue to work at jobs in the community, participate in
community activities and become active members in their communities. Several individuals are involved in adult basic education courses, using public transportation, participating in the local gym or YMCA, volunteering at community parks or local businesses.


Our employees continue to be one of our most valuable assets and their commitment and dedication to our individuals’ and the organization’s success is highly regarded.


We look forward to the year ahead utilizing our employees’, volunteers’ and board members’ skills, knowledge and networking to spread the word about our mission, values, goals and activities. Thank you for your commitment to Spectrum Support and the more than 150 individuals we support.


While we continue to be challenged in this tough economic environment, we have never stopped valuing our employees’ contribution to Spectrum Support’s mission, values and goals. Thank you once again for your commitment and dedication to Spectrum Support and making a difference in the lives of the people we support.